ablrate.com takes off with asset-backed peer-lending platform

Aircraft asset-backed lending available to retail investors for the first time, with capital equipment to follow

London, July 2014: Today, ablrate.com launches the world’s first platform for retail and small institutional investors to invest in aircraft transactions. This innovative new investment tool will revolutionise the financing of aircraft by allowing investors to invest directly in aircraft assets.  Ablrate.com will also offer direct investment opportunities in capital equipment transactions. Open from today for registrations, the first aircraft deal will go live in during the week beginning 14th July. [Read more…]

Credit Where it’s not Due – Britain’s 0% Balance Transfer Trap

Zopa reveals the extent of UK credit card debt with their Back-to-Black report

£810 million – the shocking amount paid in balance transfer fees in the UK.[iv]
Nearly half (49%) of credit card 0% balance transfers are not repaid within the 0% period
A quarter of people who own credit cards and store cards have been building up their debt over five years or more
The average UK resident carries debt of almost £10,000
Almost a third (£2,855) of this is attributed to credit cards
16 million[i] credit card and store cardholders don’t know how much their card charges for purchases if their bills are not repaid in full.

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BorrowersFirst Secures Funding and Is Set to Disrupt Peer-to-Peer Consumer Lending

BorrowersFirst™ Secures Funding and Is Set to Disrupt the Peer-to-Peer Consumer Lending Space
BorrowersFirst™ Redefines the Peer-to-Peer Consumer Lending Model.

NEW YORK, May 7, 2014, BorrowersFirst, (www.BorrowersFirst.com), a new fintech entrant, today announced that it has secured equity and debt funding from SF Capital Group, a firm known for its successful fintech investments.

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